Postcards from a newbie: changing the world with a new collection of souvenirs

by Julia Roberts | 1 September 2017

ISTA festivals have been thoroughly energising creatively.

“Don’t be afraid of new beginnings. Don’t shy from new people, new energy, new surroundings. Embrace new chances at happiness.”
Billy Chapata, The Vibe Manual

Well, here I am…
When you reach the age of 50, all sorts of strange things happen. If we’re lucky enough to be parents, our offspring often decide (somewhat selfishly in my view) that this is the right time for them to spread their wings and go out and get a life of their own. Professionally, we have reached a stage where we have an established skillset, a reputation and a network of contacts and a just-below-the-surface nagging feeling that there is still a lot we haven’t done, a lot to learn, a lot to see. Emotionally, my experience is that ageing brings a sense of freedom along with a dose of mild panic and it was in this context that a dear friend and longtime ISTA stalwart/celebrity (Dinos Aristodou) suggested that I might enjoy the experience of joining the ISTA artist pool. Thus, I found myself the “newbie” on the team of artists at my first ISTA festival in Munich last year and this, and my subsequent experience of three more ISTA festivals (in Malta, Cornwall, Toulouse), has led me to reflect on the concept of “newness” in relation to ourselves as creative beings.

I’m loving the beautiful views…
How do we find a fresh perspective in our everyday environment and mindset? I have discovered that this is what ISTA festivals offer everyone: teachers, students and artists alike. I don’t believe that the value of this new perspective is any more or less for me as an artist than it is for anyone else.

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