The Bollywood dance experience

by Revati Khattar | 1 March 2021 | Posted in: Inspiration

It can start with a toe tap, a finger sway or a shoulder shrug and suddenly, before you know it, you are up and moving to the music and beat of Bollywood dance and music. The style is a mashup of dance forms so it is easy to see why this dance form has become so popular around the world – it has a unique ability to change and re-create itself into whatever the choreographer and performer desires. There are no hard rules when it comes to Bollywood dancing – let the music take you there. The best way to really understand Bollywood is to experience it and my video below will take you through the Bollywood dance experience.

Revati Khattar is a professional dancer, choreographer, a certified yoga trainer and completed her Bachelors in Business. In this past decade of working in the performing arts space, she started with being a certified trainer at the Danceworx Academy, performed in shows, commercials, choreographed for a Netflix series and a few movies, and also taught dance at the American Embassy School, New Delhi.

From brainstorming to showcasing, the complete process of creation is something she feels passionately about. It excites her to pick up a theme and find a unique way of interpreting it and at the same time seeing how differently/similarly someone else might relate to it. She enjoys working with young minds as they are always filled with refreshing ideas and new angles.

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