The digital revolution: a romance of new artistic dimensions

by ISTA | 1 January 2018

The human desire for connection has fuelled the growth of a socially cyber-connected community.

Timothy Howe

Digital revolution! The ever-evolving technological landscape is providing theatre-makers and artists with artistic pathways that we never even thought possible. The digital revolution has given users new and invaluable tools to tell stories. Technological advancement has now allowed computer science to be an art form in its own right. Like the gold rush, innovators are digging for the next big idea to change the way we connect. Professionals and amateurs alike are developing apps at lightning speed, each considering the “relatability” of their product and its ability to reflect, refine and support the human experience in a unique way.

With an internet connection and a device, a user can instantly transform into consumer, political voice, story-teller or viewer. Reading literature/print news, watching film/TV and viewing fine and performing arts are now equally common to viewing status updates, posting prank videos or tweeting tantrums. Our digitally-globalising world is providing exponential outlets for people from every walk of life to find their own community. These technologies provide opportunities to view and explore every corner of the incredibly diverse human experience.

The human desire for connection has fuelled the growth of a socially cyber-connected community. With the rise of social media it is commonplace for us to be inundated with both the mundane and extraordinary elements of life. We now live in a society where users are increasingly aware of their own cyber image. The understanding and awareness of one’s image is a compelling equivalent to an artist’s consideration of an audience’s reception of their latest work.

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