The ‘eDevising’ process

by Josh Hatt | 2 March 2020 | Posted in: Theatre

Remember when you could just write your lesson plan on a sticky note and jump right into your lesson, roll up your sleeves and deliver a dynamic Drama class?

If you’re like me, the COVID-19 has closed your school and you’re doing eLearning for an undetermined amount of time. So how the heck do we ‘eDrama’ teachers create a dynamic learning environment for our students who are sprinkled all over the world?

I was very excited to begin my devising units with my students when we came back from break and was left gobsmacked when we found out our school was closed for an undetermined length of time. How was I going to do devising? After banging my head against the wall I read up on what some other inspiring teachers were doing in China in similar circumstances and began to plan for and with my Drama students – who were now scattered over the world in China, South Korea, The Netherlands, United States of America and Canada.

Our particular context was the MYP ePortfolio who asked us to inquire theatrically into the human impact on the environment globally or locally. So I started where any ISTA teacher and artist would – a mind map!

Below is my process, that is still in process and is being adapted by the day as the situation changes here in China. My aim is to share what worked for me and to unlock your own imagination in seeing what’s possible. My wish is that you share your successes for those of us around the world learning how to be a great ‘eTeacher’ for our students.

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