Tiny revolutions – choices, challenges and change

by Nicole Glisson | 1 September 2017

We needed something that could stretch our students in a different direction.

We all experience it.
It’s life’s only true opponent.
Only fear can defeat life.
It’s a clever and treacherous adversary.
It has no decency, it respects no law or convention, it shows no mercy.
It goes for your weakest spot –
Hah! (lunge)
Which it finds with unnerving ease.
From a moment of Room 101: This Too Shall Pass

As I write this we are putting the finishing touches on our performance Room 101: This Too Shall Pass, with our opening show tomorrow night. It is one of the most exciting and scariest times for director, cast and crew, and this show is no different. Except in many ways, it is kind of different. We use our year 9-12 production each year to challenge the students in terms of performance style and issues. Last year we did Evan Placey’s Girls Like That focusing on physical theatre, use of technology in performance and the misuse of technology in adolescent culture today. This year we needed something that could stretch our students in a different direction.

I have pondered – as many of you undoubtedly have – the role of theatre in our schools, our lives, our world. More explicitly though our fundamental roles as artists, creators, teachers, performers… and simply human beings. I often wonder how we can create authentic experiences for and with young people, that will have a profound effect on how they see the world and their place in it. It’s a pretty lofty thought but surely that’s what theatre is all about.

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