When relativity met creativity

by Penny Brown | 1 September 2015

we travelled to the Escher museum to be immersed in his work

As a student growing up in the very expressive town of Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire, England, it was almost impossible to not have a creative passion and mine starts with a deep passion for drama and physical performance. I have been a member of Calderdale Theatre School from the age of eleven and this is my seventh and last year as I will be starting university in September. We are a creative theatre company who meet on Saturday mornings to explore and teach a variety of drama methods and we perform a number of plays each year. I am also a keen media student and constantly make short films.

Being a theatre school member offers many amazing opportunities and this year that opportunity came in the guise of an ISTA trip to The Hague. Once my place was secured, I immediately began planning to make a film documenting my experience. You can view this by visiting the link at the end of this article.

As we drove to Leeds/Bradford airport the minibus was buzzing with excitement. Everyone wondering what our host families would be like, what the ensemble leaders would be like and what the workshops would teach us. Most of us are experienced ISTA students and so we already knew the answers to most of the questions. We knew everything was going to be more than perfect because we knew the secret that ISTA never disappoints.

After a short flight we landed in Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam, and we then boarded a train towards the centre of Amsterdam.

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