Why the Arts? Now more than ever

by Christine Barling | 1 January 2021 | Posted in: Inspiration

I would like to share with you my thoughts about the place of the Arts within this current pandemic and why I believe that to be an artist and/or part of an audience is more important than ever.

To understand

The Arts are life. Drama, music, film, visual arts, dance; they all help us understand the world around us. Through these captured moments we learn more about ourselves and each other. They put life under the lens for us to explore and interpret. The world is full of drama right now and to stop and distill the whirl of news and social feeds for a moment allows us to reflect and consider. Through better understanding we can think about how we can best respond. Maybe we want to help bring about change, maybe we want to help support someone struggling or maybe we just need to find a way to get by and through this ourselves. These are challenging times and if we get lost in the stream of facts and stats then we will completely lose a sense of what is really happening and who we really are.

Science helps us solve problems but the Arts is how we cope with them.

– Street artist David Zinn

Through the study of Verbatim Theatre Sotogrande International School’s M4 drama students created monologues recreating a range of experiences of being in Covid-19 lockdown.

Watch The Lockdown Monologues performed by M4 Drama students (June 2020)

To be together

We all know how hard it has been being forced away from the people we love or care about.

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