Workshop, theory, research and experience

by Thomas Dean Kellogg | 1 April 2014

we have witnessed the birth of a young voice, many young voices

An introduction to some of the work that has kept me passionate about the world, our youth and the value of the arts in shaping a better future.

Section 1

Building a character and the magic of metaphor

A lesson plan

First of all I’d like all of you to close your eyes for a moment.

Now I want you to think of an animal that you identify with. In other words, ask yourself, “If I were an animal, other than a human, what would I be?” You may already have the answer. Just go ahead and sit with it for a moment. There is no right answer. In fact, you can change your animal at any time if you feel the need, or a change of heart… (pause)… all right now, I want you to visualize that animal sitting or standing right there in front of you. Really take a look at it. The colouring, the size, the shape… Now, look the animal in the eyes… deeply. Hopefully you feel some connection… Now, everyone take a deep breath, in and out, and on your next inhalation, I want you to breathe the animal into you. Or maybe, it should be the animal is breathing you in. At this point what I want is for you to be looking through the eyes of the animal.

Breathe deeply, but evenly, as you meld the sensation of being an animal with that of your writer/creative self… Now, I am going to ask you a series of questions.

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