Theatre Styles

10 things you probably didn’t know about comedy that may change your life forever*

November 3

*Disclaimer: They will probably not change your life forever; title is for clickbait purposes only. *** ‘I love to laugh’, famously sang Mary Poppins’ Uncle Albert, floating up to the ceiling with mirth, and it’s not long before the...

Stage combat in the middle school curriculum

September 30

ARRRGH! BIFF! CRRAAACK! KAPOW! OOOOFF! When my colleague Carrie Grev and I were looking to reinvent our middle school classes we were discussing ways to increase the uptake of boys in Drama and the thought of adapting a physical theatre unit into...

Abracadabra — The magical art of storytelling

January 30

The art of storytelling is such a wonderfully magical artform that is seemingly limitless. It has the ability to grasp a moment in time and cause an audience to hold their breath, laugh, connect with characters they don’t know and empathise so...

The poetry of physical theatre

January 1

I find theatre exhilarating when experience and theatrical magic are given equal weight to logic. Physical theatre is an elusive genre and can mean various things to different people. At its heart is a style of performance that focuses on the...

The double-edged sword

September 1

A play is real but not real... It's a fiction but it's true. I recently had the pleasure of being ensemble leader for one of the ensembles at The Hague bonsai high school festival at the British School in The Netherlands. The theme of the...