World Theatre

Embodying the elements

November 5

This article is taken from a master class, created by Lian for our Kuala Lumpur TaPS and IB workshop, hosted by Tim Howe and the International School of Kuala Lumpur in September 2019. These master class resource packs are a ‘gold mine’ of a...

Casting my lot in with Commedia masks

May 1

It will clog your pipes and ruin your plumbing faster than eating 10kg of cheese at one sitting. First published in the March 2012 Scene issue “Projects, people and places”. I had long felt drawn to work with my hands and make masks but...

A multilingual stage

January 1

I wanted to leave room for the two Norwegians in the cast to speak in their mother tongue. I spent the last five years as a student in an international school where multilingualism is the norm and a classroom of fifteen students can have more...

Thai ghostbusters – Phi Ta Khon

January 1

it draws you into the essence of the place Thailand is a country of regional contrasts and one could argue that you really need to exit stage left from the mega-city of Bangkok in order to truly experience the beauty of the country, the warmth...

Using Kathakali mudras in performance

April 1

It takes a minimum of six years to train to be a Kathakali performer. Kathakali (kata-story, kali-play), is a dance-theatre form from Kerala in Southern India. Its origins can be traced back to the beginning of the 17th century. The story goes...