Online and Face to Face

ISTA has an inspirational pool of over 150 freelance artists that can also be brought into your school to work with your students, staff or entire faculty to support and enhance the learning of theatre.

We’re also delighted that we can offer this not only as a face to face experience but also online via a platform like Zoom or Skype, so it’s now even easier to get specialist skills ‘into’ your school to work with your students and teachers.

As a stand alone or riding on the back of an ISTA event we will organise the AiR for you, clarify the learning outcomes and select an artist to meet your needs. The whole process is very straightforward and ISTA are on hand every step of the journey.

Check out the ISTA artist brochure below which has details of all the ISTA artists and also links specific AiR artists to the AiR directory. The AiR directory focuses specifically on artists who are available for AiR bookings and allows teachers to search for artists based on their skills, specialisms and locations all in one place.

Download the ISTA artist 2020-2021 brochure here.

If you would like to enquire about an AiR booking please fill in this form.

In the meantime check out the graphics below for some inspiration and to get a flavour of what it is we’ve been up to already!

The ISTA AiR program provides a wealth of outstanding opportunities for teachers to enrich their curriculums in your own classroom and have an impact on all of your students. It’s like bringing an ISTA Festival into your class.