Due to current travel restrictions and our decision to cancel face to face festivals for the remainder of the 2020-2021 year (with a few exceptions!) we have launched a menu of festival options. Having heard from many of you about your particular circumstances this year, we realised we couldn’t rely on a ‘one shoe fits all’ model and are therefore offering 6 different types of festival experiences for you.

All of the offers below can be experienced with students continuing to work from home, with students working in a socially distanced classroom, or through a hybrid model. They can also be delivered with an artist on site (if this is practical) or with artists working virtually.

Our festival menu includes:
• 2 day festivals with a partner school.
• 1 day festival with a partner school.
• Creative learning experience with a partner school.
• 2 day in-house festival.
• 1 day in-house festival.
• In-house creative learning experience.

Member and non member schools are welcome to participate in our online festivals.

Our festival menu for January through to May 2022 is now ready for booking.

We are also keen to hear from YOU. If you have ideas about ways in which ISTA can support you, your students and your wider school community please do get in touch. We recently had a one to one conversation with a member teacher in Vienna and as a result are now designing 3 teaching resources focussing on providing teachers with ready to go warm up activities and ways into teaching devising and verbatim. We are here to support you and your students and have a very flexible and ‘can do’ approach to the year to ensure the ISTA experience stays alive and thrives in our current circumstances.

I just wanted to send a quick message to express my gratitude for all the hard work and dedication from the ISTA team that went into coordinating this virtual festival. I am such a super fan of all the work you do and I am just ecstatic that this festival happened and was so successful for the students. Professionally, I know how much these workshops invigorate the students so I will continually try to organize them and participate in them. Personally, it just really means the world to me that we have a great working relationship, and it is one I hope we can continue to foster as we work closely together to bring these exciting opportunities to the students at Yew Chung.

Host from the online Yew Chung festival, November 2020