IB Teacher Workshops

Since 2006 ISTA has been the recognised global provider for DP Theatre workshops in all regions – delivering Cat 1, 2 and 3 training with huge success.

Each workshop offering three days’ immersion in the DP theatre curriculum. Led by the most knowledgeable and inspirational teachers in the world. With years of experience that cannot be replicated anywhere else. Able to answer questions and empower teachers to go forward enriched and ready to pass this newfound expertise onto their students.

With other hungry and like- minded teachers eager to share best practice.
With a top class professional theatre performance or two to take in and learn from.
To say nothing of the internationally renowned, world-theatre practitioners sharing their craft  in high-end master classes – passing on skills that can be extended into the classroom.
With personal contact from fantastic workshop leaders. All hugely respected in their field and brought on board strictly in accordance with IB guidelines. All current or past IB DP Theatre teachers, examiners or consultants who have been involved in DP Theatre curriculum development. All having received full training by ISTA and the relevant IB regions and thus fully authorised and endorsed by the IB. Additionally, every single workshop leader has a proven track record when it comes to training teachers and successful methodologies.
With every one of these workshops constituting formal IB training, all teachers who successfully complete the requisite hours are provided with an ISTA/IB certificate to endorse their appropriate level of training.
And… these amazing workshops are open to ALL teachers of IB DP Theatre and are NOT exclusive to ISTA members.

If you have a question about training please email tom@ista.co.uk

We look forward to welcoming you to one of our workshops soon.

“The workshop leader’s ability to make the content of the guide-book transform into a theatrical piece was mind blowing to me. This allowed us to engage with the meaning of every aspect of the course. In my case, it will last forever.”

Teacher at the Atlanta TaPS Subject Specific Seminar, March 2014