Events for students of DP Theatre

While we cannot meet face to face in theatrical hubs such as London, New York and Bali, we now have a range of virtual experiences for students of DP Theatre.

TaPS online

Please take a few moments to read about the striking success of our TaPS online course.

You can book the TaPS online experience at any time and the course can run over a more intensive 3-4 day period or over the course of several weeks using class time. More details about the course and how it works can be found here.

Spotlight sessions

NEW and running monthly from November, these are 2 hour sessions ‘spotlighting’ specific aspects of the DP Theatre programme. Students are invited to book as individuals or you can book your DP Theatre class onto these Saturday workshops. More information on our Spotlight sessions can be found here and you can book for November or December (or both!) sessions here. Each month we have 3 sessions for students in different regions.

In November we are spotlighting reading and responding to a play as a director and in December we’ll turn our attention to physical and practical research in theatre. At the beginning of December, we’ll launch our January – May 2021 schedule.

Master classes

ISTA master classes at TaPS have long been a massive hit with students and teachers alike. Opening doors to the worlds of theatre traditions and theorists that students may not typically be exposed to in the regular classroom; and more often than not inspiring students to develop these ideas for specific assessment tasks, they provide a unique and invaluable contribution to a student’s DP Theatre experience.

We now have a range of master classes on offer – whether it be a one off 90 minute class or a ‘deeper dive’ of 3 x 90 minutes or 5 x 90 minute sessions on one world tradition/theorist. Our current offer includes:

• African Theatre: 1. Dances in African performance, 2. Voicing South Africa: Oral literature through performance, or 3. Shona Storytelling
• Balinese Theatre: Topeng mask dance and Wayang Kulit
• Kathakali
• Ko-uta in Kyogen
• Rakugo

• Laban
• Marcel Marceau
• Meisner
• Viewpoints (Anne Bogart)
• Suzuki
• Boleslavsky

For more information, or to book, please email

The ensemble leader was extremely engaging and relatable. Not only did she teach the information in an interesting way, but also gave an effective balance of both physical and note-taking activities. This made us have a better group dynamic and motivation throughout the duration of the course.

Student who attended an online TaPS in October 2020