ISTA for Artists

We offer artists from all backgrounds the chance to come together to work with young people from across the globe and be part of something special.

We’re lucky enough to work with an amazing ensemble of international artists, teachers and practitioners who are all leaders in their field. Each bring their own unique talents and skills from every branch of international theatre education. All our artists are committed to collaborate, lead and inspire.

We provide artists with the opportunity to...

Work alongside a team of other artists from around the globe who are all experts in their fields.

To create inspiring and original theatre, in stunning locations around the globe with brilliant students.

Develop thier own practice and forge professional relationships and personal friendships that then extend beyond ISTA and last a lifetime.


One of our amazing artists, Desta Haile, tells us what makes ISTA special for her.


Our Executive Director, Sally Robertson, explains what being part of ISTA means for artists.


How do I become one of ISTA's artists?

We only use artists through personal recommendation and are extremely selective when it comes to recruitment.

If you feel you have the right balance of expertise in theatre and working with young people then please send a letter of interest and a CV to

How does working with an ISTA artist impact my students?

It’s commonly recognised amongst teachers that enabling our students to work with practitioners and artists outside of the classroom is a hugely positive experience.

It’s not that we, as teachers don’t do a good job. It’s just that exposing our students to new experiences, insights, talents and strengths can only enhance their learning in theatre; learning that they then bring back to my classroom, department and school.

As a member teacher, what can I learn from ISTA artists?

Well we invite you to observe your students working with ISTA artists throughout the event. This active observation not only gives you ideas to take back into your classroom but it also strengthens your relationship with your students. So we’ve heard on countless occasions!

Also, you get to work with artists during our PD sessions at festivals and TaPS – gaining from their experience and taking away valuable activities that you can use in the classroom – Monday morning and beyond.

Not to mention the ‘after hours’ conversations and sharing of stories that build relationships, networks and valuable connections to inspire us all as teachers of theatre.