ISTA for Students

As an ISTA student you will be inspired and amazed as we take you on a once in a lifetime experience.

Every year thousands of students experience an ISTA festival or take part in one of our immersive three-day DP Theatre workshops (TaPS).

One of the things we love the most about what we do is seeing the journey all our students go on at one of our events. In a short space of time many of them sow the seeds for friendships which will last a lifetime while being inspired by their surroundings, the ISTA artists and the other students around them.

It’s you, as our student participants, who make this magic happen. who help make this magic happen. Your teachers will brief you about what you need to bring and what to expect. All we’ll say is make sure you bring an open mind, a big imagination and the right attitude. Then we promise you it will be love at first activity.

What we do for students

Make memories to last a lifetime.

Every event is different but each one is designed so our students go away with memories that will stay with them forever.

Be inspired.

From our reps through to our artists, we deal in moments of inspiration. We want students to leave our events inspired to make a difference to their world.

Learn, grow and develop.

We help our students develop theatrical skills as well as transferable skills vital to 21st century learners.


Two students from Hillel Academy in Kingston, Jamaica explain what ISTA means to them and what it’s given to them.


Our Executive Director, Sally Robertson, explains what being part of ISTA means for students.