ISTA for Teachers

As a teacher, we’ll provide you with world-class professional development opportunities, a gold mine of teaching resources and you’ll become part of an international network of likeminded teachers.

We’ve often been described as one of the world’s worst kept secrets – meaning because we don’t heavily invest in marketing and rely on word of mouth – many teachers haven’t heard of us before.

Our aim is simple; to change the world through theatre and you are a key component in helping us do that. We want to give you and your students experiences that will last a lifetime while at the same time giving you access to world-class professional development opportunities, a gold mine of teaching resources and an international network of likeminded teachers.

Educators play a key role in the fulfilment of our mission. That’s why we offer teachers from around the world the opportunity to come together to develop themselves, their pedagogy and their skills, equipping and empowering them to bring about change through theatre.

You’ll be in your element sharing practice and stories at events with colleagues; and this community, the ISTA ‘tribe’, will give you support, affirmation and encouragement in the day to day of teaching as well as the long term trajectory that you set for yourself.

Teachers started ISTA and ISTA is an association where you, as the teacher, are ISTA. Our global community can only be enriched by your presence.

What we do for teachers

We’ll make you better teachers.

By giving you access to training and professional development from our practising artists you’ll be able to stay at the cutting-edge of your profession, learning and developing as you grow.

You’ll become part of a community.

Connections, collaboration and community are the words that spring to mind when teachers are asked what ISTA does for them. As part of this community you’ll form lifelong friendships with teachers around the world.

We’ll make your life easier.

As a member of ISTA you’ll have access to a wealth of teaching resources created by teachers, for teachers.


Theatre teacher Josh Hatt explains what ISTA means to him, his students, his department and his school.


Our Executive Director, Sally Robertson, explains what being part of ISTA means for teachers.


How does your professional development work?

ISTA provides teachers with an ongoing and cyclical approach to CPD. This affirms and develops professionals as teachers, practitioners and artists. Most importantly, we believe that it affirms and develops teachers as learners.

  • Enrichment – through refreshment, growth and inspiration.
  • Development – experiences have an impact on practice and the subsequent development of programmes.
  • Connection – teachers become part of a local, national, and international community and network that encourages sharing, support and fellowship.

Outside our formal IB Theatre training (in cooperation with the International Baccalaureate) we offer Fest Track, Studios (3 day workshops) and PD sessions at all festivals and TaPS. Plus a wide range of valuable resources for the classroom, by teachers for teachers, held in the ‘Gringotts’ of ISTA – INSIDE ISTA

What do the IB Workshops involve?

ISTA has been the global provider for DP Theatre training since 2006. We offer Cat 1, Cat 2 and Cat 3 workshops in each region annually. ISTA recruits workshop leaders (WLs) in accordance with IB guidelines and all our WLs are current or past IB DP Theatre teachers; IB DP Theatre examiners; and/or have been involved in IB DP Theatre curriculum development.

Our IB workshops constitute formal IB training. All teachers who have successfully completed the workshop are provided with an IB ISTA certificate to endorse the appropriate level of training.

Our workshop leaders have received training by ISTA and by the relevant IB region and are thus authorised IB workshop leaders. Additionally, all have a proven track record in successfully teaching the IB DP Theatre course, in teaching methodologies and in the field of training teachers.

Can I become an individual member?

Yes, often teachers become individual members first. This gives you and your school a taste of the ISTA experience for a very reasonable price (£120.00 per year) then you can slowly persuade your school to take out school membership. Crafty but it works!

How do we book events?

As soon as we release our programme of events for the coming year all our members are notified and have the opportunity to book. Teachers then register individual students closer to the time.